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TU 28.99.39-049-72410778-2018

Purpose and scope

The water heat-protective screen (VPE) is intended to reduce the exposure of an operator (nozzleman) or equipment to flame thermal radiation in case of fire.

The water screens are designed for use is a system with firefighting monitors and fire towers at facilities associated with the negative effects of heat flow on either operator or equipment.

The use of water screens is provided for by the requirements of SP 155.13130, SP 231.1311500.2015, SP 326.1311500.2017, as well as in the revision of SP “Racks for flammable, combustible liquids and liquefied hydrocarbon gases at oil refining and petrochemical enterprises. Fire safety requirements".

Distinctive advantages

Materials of manufacture

Climatic models U, HL, UHL, T, OM: housing and details - stainless steel.

Key Specifications


Indicator name

Indicator value



Range of operating water flows, l/s

Within the LS flow rate error

The thermal radiation intensity behind the screen when exposed to heat flux from the side of the water curtain 100 kW, kW/m2 max*


Weight, kg, max


Wind load, kgf/m2, max/wind speed, m/s, max



Service life, years, min


* According to the tests results obtained in an accredited laboratory at a special stand.

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Стандарт Пожнефтехим "Базовые проблемы проектирования систем пенного пожаротушения. Пути решения". 2018 (pdf, 2.32 Mb)

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