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Разработка СТУ по пожарной безопасности


Специальные технические условия (СТУ)

Special fire safety conditions

Pozhneftehim has been actively working in regulatory and technical support since 2006. The company carries out a range of works on development and coordination of special technical conditions in terms of ensuring fire safety. Hereinafter - STU on fire safety.

STUs are necessary for industrial (production) facilities both at the design stage and during reconstruction. You can learn more from the reference list for design activities by sending a request to Pozhneftehim.

Advantages of Pozhneftehim-developed STU

  • Pozhneftehim, a Russian manufacturer of firefighting equipment and foam concentrates, has experience in implementing fire protection systems at oil and gas, petrochemical and other industries.
  • Pozhneftehim is a member of the Technical Committee for Standardization No. 274.
  • Pozhneftehim has experience in cooperation with industrial (production) facilities at the design stage of new-builds and reconstruction of existing facilities.
  • Pozhneftehim specialists know in detail the regulatory framework in the field of fire safety and have experience in developing individual design and engineering solutions, taking into account the characteristics of the facility.
  • Pozhneftehim has experience in working with international companies and adapting foreign design documentation to Russian standards.
  • The Pozhneftehim management has many years of experience working with specialists from government services and departments in the field of fire safety.

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Development and coordination of STU on fire safety

STU on fire safety: definition

Special technical conditions for fire safety are technical norms developed for an object of capital construction and containing additional technical requirements to those established or absent in regulatory documents.
Fire safety STUs govern the design and construction features of industrial (production) facilities in order to minimize fire risk and increase the efficiency of the fire protection system.
Special technical conditions are an opportunity to consider and justify forced project deviations from existing regulatory requirements, provided that additional organizational and technical solutions in the field of fire safety are developed.

Cost of developing STU

The cost of developing the STU on fire safety depends on the type of facility and the complexity of design solutions. Pozhneftehim experts are preparing a proposal for the development of STU based on a general description of the object, its purpose and the master plan assessment. Pozhneftehim may request additional technical documentation to evaluate the scope of work.
The cost of services of regulatory and technical support is affected by:

The cost of developing STUs is also affected by the timing of work and a preliminary assessment of the grounds for the development of special technical conditions. To prepare a commercial proposal, send a request to mail@pnx-spb.ru or leave a request on our website.

Development of STU on fire safety: reasons to order STU

The development of STU on fire safety is necessary for unique or technically challenging facilities for which the actual design and fire safety standards are not applicable. STU indicates compensating measures on fire safety, which will provide a high level of fire protection of the facility with non-standard characteristics.
The development of STU on fire safety gives the opportunity to:

Special technical conditions simplify the preparation and approval of design documentation for the capital construction facility.

Objects that require STU on fire safety

Technical conditions as a part of STU can be provided for the following industrial (production) facilities:

Pozhneftekhim, member of the Technical Committee for Standardization No. 274, interacts with VNIIPO EMERCOM of the Russian Federation and the Academy of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Russian Federation to improve the regulatory framework in fire safety. The Company has experience not only in design, but also in the implementation of effective and economically feasible foam fire extinguishing and water spraying systems.

Coordination of STU on fire safety
Coordination of technical conditions shall be approved by three authorities:

At each stage, coordination with the customer services and design departments is provided. The workflow is presented in the scheme “Development and approval of STU with Pozhneftehim”.

Other Pozhneftehim services in regulatory and technical support

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