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TU 28.99.39-054-72410778-2020, GOST R 51043-2002

ТР ЕАЭС 043/2017 №ЕАЭС RU C-RU.ЧС13.В.00427/22


Special purpose deluge sprinkler “ORK” is a nozzle designed for irrigation of vertical steel oil tanks, columns, as well as other constructions and structures, manufactured pursuant to GOST R 51043-2002.

Distinctive advantages

The most common solution for cooling vertical steel oil tanks and columns in process plants consists in usage of perforated spray distribution rings. In this case the following requirements are not be taken into consideration:

 - clause 3.19 of SP 155.13130 Stationary cooling installation for the oil tank shall consist of a horizontal sectional spray distribution ring (irrigation pipeline with water spray devices);

- clause M.15 of GOST R 12.3.047-2012 “Occupational safety standards system (OSSS). Fire safety of technological processes. General requirements. Methods of control”. M.15 Type, quantity and peculiarities of arranging the sprinklers of stationary water spraying installations, as well as their operating mode (upstream sprinkler pressure, water consumption, spray dispersion) must be determined following the condition of uniform irrigation of all protected surfaces and maintaining the set intensity that provides the thermal protection of the equipment.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned clauses, use of perforated spray distribution rings is not allowed by the standards. The use of sprinklers complying with GOST R 51043-2002 is required in this case.

Besides, application of deluge sprinklers “ORK” enables to eliminate the following disadvantages of use of perforated spray distribution rings:

Reference designation

Reference designation pursuant to

GOST R 51043-2002


Reference designation pursuant to the manufacturer's classification



R X X/X’’























1. DVS1-SchPd – deluge sprinkler of (D) type, type of fire extinguishing agent – water (V), special purpose (S), other water flow direction (1), slotted structural design (Sch), in terms of installation location – with vertical installation, fire extinguishing agent flow from a housing is forwarded upwards, and then laterally (along the guide blade or the element of the sprinkler housing) (Gv), with a housing, uncoated (o).

2. Capacity factor K (*):

- mounting dimension: R ½’’ - in the range of 0,05.... 0,14;

- mounting dimension R ¾’’ in the range of 0,1... 0,3;

- mounting dimension R 1’’ in the range of 0,2 .... 0,5;

- mounting dimension R 1 ¼’’ in the range of 0,35... 0,7;

- mounting dimension R 1 ½’’ in the range of 0,5... 0,9.

3. R X X/X’’ – mounting dimension: R ½’’; R ¾’’; R 1’’; R 1 ¼’’; R 1 ½’’.

4. Climatic category pursuant to GOST 15150

U, HL, UHL, OM, T.

5. Placement category pursuant to GOST 15150

1 – for outdoor operation;

6. Working corrosive environment, there is an option to operate a sprinkler in the following environments:

- NH3 – ammonia environment;

- SO2 – sulfur dioxide environments;

- C – environment with salt spray.

7. “ORK” is the manufacturer's reference designation - sprinkler for tanks, columns, and other constructions or structures.

8. Spray angle: 120° - 150°.

9. Cut plate tilt angle: 0 -  50°.

10. ХХ – SP (with a nipple) / BP (without a nipple).

Manufacturing materials

In terms of resistance to climate impacts, deluge sprinklers “ORK” correspond to the versions U, HL, UHL, T, OM pursuant to GOST 15150-69. The ambient temperature range makes from minus 60°C to plus 50°C. Stainless steel is used as the material for manufacturing the deluge sprinklers “ORK” in these climatic categories, as well as for sea water operation.

Basic technical specifications

Indicator name

The indicator value for DVS1-SchGvo with connections:

R ½’’

R ¾’’

R 1’’

R 1 ¼’’

R 1 ½’’

Tilt angle of the jet feed (β), degrees.

0-50 (on request)

Water spray tilt angle (α), degrees.

60-150 (on request)

Operating pressure range, MPa (*)

0,1 ÷ 1,0

Fan maximum length spread (top view) at 0,1 – 1,0 MPa (D), m, at least:

Available on request

Capacity factor, K 

0,05 - 0,14

0,1 - 0,3

0,2 - 0,5

0,35 - 0,7

 0,5 - 0,9

Irrigation uniformity factor, R

Not more than 0,5

Maintenance of working capacity under thermal impact, at least, °C (**)


Weight, kg, not exceeding






Service life, years, at least



- (*) The lower limit of the operating range of the operating pressure shall be taken as the nominal pressure

- (**) Maintenance of working capacity when a thermal exposure lasts at least 15 minutes.

Designation of geometric parameters

Indicator graphic representation

Designation and name of the indicator


D – fan maximum spread (length of the fan at which the flow direction and density in any spatial orientation of the “ORK” is preserved), m

В – irrigation width, m

α – angle of spray, degrees


D – fan maximum spread (length of the fan at which the flow direction and density in any spatial orientation of the ORK is preserved), m

β – tilt angle of the jet feed, degrees

D – fan maximum spread (length of the fan at which the flow direction and density in any spatial orientation of the “ORK” is preserved), m

Β – tilt angle of the jet feed, degrees

D – fan maximum spread (length of the fan at which the flow direction and density in any spatial orientation of the “ORK” is preserved), m

β – tilt angle of the jet feed, degrees

Overall dimensions

Available on request

The procedure for using “ORK” for designs

1. Evaluation of geometric parameters of the protected facility (for a Vertical steel oil tank – irrigation perimeter, for columns - irrigation area);

2. Evaluation of the flow required for a facility irrigation based on the standard intensity.

3. Evaluation of the distance from a deluge sprinkler to an irrigated surface taking into consideration the facility design features (for tanks, it usually is within 0.25 m, for columns - within 0.6 m). If “ORK” is located at distances of 0.6 m or more, the fan angle in this case must make 100 degrees or less (specify with the manufacturer).

4. Evaluation of the optimal spray angle for “ORK” taking into consideration clause 3.

5. In the graphical representation, the “ORK” arrangement on the ring main in such a manner that the irrigation width of sprinklers (B) enabled water feed for the entire perimeter of a protected surface taking into consideration clauses 3 and 4, with subsequent determination of their quantity.

6. Evaluation of the flow rate for a single “ORK” taking into consideration the total number of “ORKs” and the irrigation total flow rate.

7. Evaluation of K-factor by the formula , in this case it is required that the fan maximum spread (D) is not less than the distance from “ORK” to a protected surface).

Evaluation of angle of the jet feed to a protected surface taking into consideration the facility structural parameters, the distance from “ORK” to a protect surface:

-30 degrees as a rule for Vertical steel oil tanks taking into consideration clause of Regulatory documentation recommendations 13.220.00-KTN-142-15;

- 50 degrees for columns taking into consideration clause 13.3 of the recommendations T-TV-02-2011.

 9. Create the Reference designation, filling in the questionnaire and specification.

Contact the experts of the “Pozhneftehim” Group for selection and arrangement of “ORK” deluge sprinklers.


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