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  • Каталог систем и установок пожаротушения
  • Каталог оборудования и пенообразователей

Блок-контейнер для
пожаротушения «Витязь»

  • Блок-контейнер 1 степени огнестойкости
  • Блок-контейнер 2 степени огнестойкости
  • Блок-контейнер 3 степени огнестойкости
  • Блок-контейнер 4 степени огнестойкости
  • Блок-контейнер для наземных вертодромов

Шкаф пожарный пенный «Мастерпен»

  • ШПП-Н навесной
  • ШПП-В, встроенный
  • ШПП-П, приставной
  • ШПП для получения пены низкой кратности
  • ШПП для получения пены низкой, средней и высокой кратности

Блок пожарных гидрантов «Рубеж»

  • Блок пожарных гидрантов для отбора воды
  • Блок пожарных гидрантов для отбора воды
    и получения раствора пенообразователя


According to clause 5.7 of the draft code of rules SP "Fire protection systems. AUTOMATIC FIRE EXTINGUISHING INSTALLATIONS. Standards and design rules", the design organization shall not only prepare design and/or detailed documentation for automatic firefighting systems (developed as per GOST R 21.1101), but also the passport of automatic firefighting systems in accordance with GOST 2.601. Moreover, the design organization shall prepare programs for acceptance and periodic (during operation) tests (at customer request), as well as hydraulic circuits to be located in the pump station. These include the fire water supply scheme and scheme piping of the pumps. Para. 5.8 of the draft SP contains the requirement for maintenance documents (operating manuals, inspection and testing procedures for automatic firefighting systems) to contain control electrical and hydraulic points for checking the operating modes of automatic firefighting systems during commissioning, acceptance tests and maintenance. The operation manual is developed by the design or installation and commissioning organization (Customer to decide). The Pozhneftehim Group offers design organizations the co-development of certificates for fire extinguishing installations manufactured by our company, as well as development of acceptance and periodic testing programs.

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  • Foam fire cabinet hinged, ShPP-N
  • Foam fire cabinet built-in, ShPP-V
  • Foam fire cabinet attached, ShPP-P
  • Fire cabinet for low-expansion foam
  • Fire cabinet for low-, medium- or high-expansion foam


  • Block container, fire resistance I
  • Block container, fire resistance II
  • Block container, fire resistance III
  • Block container, fire resistance IV
  • Block container for ground heliports

Do you want to see, how the foam and water fire extinguishing equipment functions?

We invite you to participate in the Advanced training course to our manufacturing site. The course is held annually for specialists of design and maintenance organizations, managers for procurement and service of fire extinguishing and fire protection systems. Here you can learn more about our courses.


Pozhneftehim is the trusted partner which can provide support at any stage of works dedicated to fire safety. The company develops, supplies and installs equipment for fire protection and firefighting at industrial facilities. The company is focused on integrated fire suppression technologies, warranty and post-warranty service maintenance of systems.

Pozhneftehim is one of the largest producers of firefighting equipment and foam concentrates in Russia. Our product line includes 14 thousand modifications. The company has ouw manufacturing venue and testing stand certified by Rosaccreditation. Our customers are:

- Design bureaus and design organizations;
- Procurement and supply departments of oil, oil&gas and petrochemical industries;
- Suppliers of equipment to production facilities;
- Construction, installation, engineering companies.

*Конкретный перечень услуг и объем работ определяется договором в зависимости от потребностей Заказчика