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Foam concentrates


Advantages of Pozhneftehim

  • long product line: more than 80 compositions
  • high-quality raw materials that meet European environmental standards
  • the effectiveness of Aquafom foam concentrates has been confirmed on Pozhneftehim firefighting equipment
  • own research base (laboratory)
  • own test site
  • additional guarantees in case of complex delivery
  • foam concentrate - equipment - design (compliance)
  • development of compositions according to the customer technical specifications
  • selection of foam concentrates for specific characteristics of fuel and water at the facility
  • all foam concentrates are certified
  • manufactured under GOST conditions


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Pozhneftehim Foam Concentrates Catalog

AFFF - Aquafom I-NSV, Aquafom I-N is a synthetic fluorine-containing special purpose film-forming foam concentrate for extinguishing flammable liquids. The premix has a low surface tension, due to which they can quickly spread over the surface of a burning liquid and form a film. AFFF effectively protects combustibles from burnback. Effective for extinguishing oil, oil products and other non-polar (water-insoluble) liquids and mixtures with a content of polar components of not more than 15%. They are used for extinguishing both by overfeed and into the layer (subsurface suppression).

AFFF/AR - Aquafom II-NSV, Aquafom II-N is a synthetic fluorine-containing film-forming alcohol-resistant foam concentrate for extinguishing water-soluble and water-insoluble combustible liquids. A polymer film is formed on the surface of a combustible liquid (except water). It protects the foam from destruction and mixing with a flammable liquid. AFFF/AR is of high viscosity. A bladder tank is used for dosing.

S/AR - Aquafom S/AR is a synthetic alcohol-resistant special purpose foam concentrate containing no fluorinated surfactant. They are used to extinguish water-soluble and water-insoluble flammable liquids. S/AR is a biodegradable foam concentrate. Designed for enterprises withhigh environmental safety standards. Suitable for extinguishing with mobile firefighting equipment.

S – Aquafom, Aquafom M is a synthetic foam concentratethat contains no fluorinated surfactants. Designed for fires class A and B. It is used for extinguishing over an area with medium expansion foam and for extinguishing by volume with high expansion foam. The synthetic foam concentrate can be used as a wetting agent.

WA - Aquafom SM is a synthetic foaming agent that contains no fluorinated surfactants. Used as a wetting agent. Designed for fires class A, it extinguishes difficult-to-wet substances and materials. The WA wetting agents reduce water consumption.

Application in fire extinguishing systems

When choosing foam concentrates for the protection of oil, petroleum and petrochemical processing facilities, as well as for extinguishing other objects, four factors must be taken into consideration.
1. Type and kind of product must match the firefighting equipment used.
2. Type of product must comply with operating conditions (type of combustible substance, material of containers and pipes, quality of water used, climatic conditions).
3. Storage conditions for the product must be observed.
4. Product must fully comply with GOST.

Pozhneftehim, a manufacturer of high-quality foam concentrates and wetting agents under the Aquafom trademark:
• provides assistance in the selection of software, in the design and installation of fire extinguishing systems for industrial facilities;
• extends the warranty on the foam concentrate on completion of commissioning (if a manufacturer’s specialist is involved in the work);
• provides training to specialists in industrial safety and labor protection at Pozhneftehim Advanced training courses.

The extinguishing properties of foam concentrates are tested during commissioning at the facility. To ensure the effectiveness of the fire system, we recommend using firefighting equipment manufactured by Pozhneftehim Group. You can order a comprehensive supply of equipment and foam concentrates by phone +7 (499) 703 01 32 or by email

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