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TU 2481-025-72410778-2012


Purpose and scope

Aquafom WA wetting agent is a synthetic highly effective agent for extinguishing forest and natural fires, as well as Class A fires. It is an aqueous solution of hydrocarbon surfactants with stabilizing additives.

The Aquafom WA wetting agent has the following types depending on the volume concentration in the premix:

  • «Aquafom WA» 0,5%;
  • «Aquafom WA» 1,0%.

Depending on the shelf life, these modifications are divided into two subgroups:

  • «Aquafom WA»-18 – shelf life is 18 months;
  • «Aquafom WA»-60 – shelf life is 60 months (5 years).

Mechanism of action: improving penetration of the foam concentration solution into fibrous hydrophobic materials due to reducing the interracial tension in the wetting solution, compared with water. The use of wetting solutions reduces the water consumption by 35-50% and significantly increases the effect of water use.

Aquafom WA penetrates faster and easier into the burning substances mass and wets a large area.

Aquafom WA is the most effective:

  • when extinguishing combustible materials poorly wetted with water (wood, coal, paper, peat, cotton, etc.);
  • in extinguishing forest fires;
  • to increase the efficiency of water firefighting;
  • for dust suppression and dust deposition;
  • in sprinkler and deluge fire extinguishing installations.


Key Quality Indicators

Name of indicator Value of indicator Test method
Appearance homogeneous liquid without sediment and separation according to paragraph 5.2 of GOST R 50588-2012
Density at 20 °C, within the range of kg∙m-3 1000–1100 according to GOST 18995.1
Pour point, max, °C -3 according to GOST 18995.5
Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C, mm2∙s-1 , max 100 according to GOST 33
Hydrogen index (pH) of PIC, within the range of 6,5–8,5 according to GOST 22567.5
The foam expansion from the premix, low expiation, max 5 according to paragraph 5.3 of GOST R 50588-2012
The interfacial tension of the premix using fresh and salt water, max, mN∙m-1 32 according to paragraph 5.8 of GOST R 50588-2012
Wetting index when using fresh / salt water, s, not more than 45 according to paragraph 5.9/5.10 of GOST R 50588- 2012

Environmental protection

The Aquafom WA wetting agent is a biodegradable product capable of complete biodegradation.

No secondary hazardous compounds are formed during the manufacturing and use of the wetting agent.

The Aquafom WA wetting agent is allowed to discharge into industrial wastewater when diluted with water to the marginal permissible concentration of surface-active substances (surfactants) of 20 mg/l (in terms of active substance). The aqueous foam solution can be discharged to biological treatment plants without local wastewater treatment by physical and chemical methods.

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