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Water fire extinguishing. Pozhneftehim Water fire extinguishing installations

Water fire extinguishing. Pozhneftehim Water fire extinguishing installations

Water fire fighting is the most common way to extinguish fires.

Automatic water fire extinguishing installations are designed and operated in accordance with the following regulatory documents:

According to the type of irrigators water extinguishing installations are divided into:

Fire extinguishing sprinklers are the most common because they do not require fire detectors and control blocks as a fire detection system.

Whilst projecting fire extinguishing sprinkler installations for industrial sites, specialists rarely pay attention to the existing regulatory opportunity to increase their efficiency and at the same time reduce the cost.

This refers to the use of wetting agents for certain types of combustible materials. The use of modern wetting agents such as “Aquafom” SM at warehouses, production shops of textiles, rubber, gum, tar, paper rolls, etc. is not only permissible, but also necessary.

SP 5.13130 (Table 5) allows the calculated quenching intensity to be reduced by 1.5 times. This affects the cost of the pumping group, water supplies, pumping areas, etc. It should also be noted that the use of foam fire extinguishing systems instead of the water ones allows reducing the time of the fire extinguishing unit operation by 2-3 times.

Pozhneftehim have developed standard design solutions (TPR) for storage and dosing systems for wetting and foam agents used in water fire extinguishing sprinklers.

Pozhneftehim model design solution for water fire extinguishing sprinklers with wetting agent.

Special designs of bladder tanks “Antifire” are based on the use of a wide range of automatic dosing units capable of performing their function when operating both one and the entire estimated number of sprinklers. Constructive solutions of Antifire dosing tanks also include technical solutions for the bladder tank operation under constant pressure during the waiting period and allow for automated control over the level (amount) of the wetting agent and foam concentrate “Aquafom” in the tank in accordance with GOST R 50800-95. Automatic foam fire extinguishing installations. General technical requirements. Testing methods.

Pozhneftehim bladder tank “Antifire” with a wide-range dispenser (DShD) and automation cabinet SHABD.

The client, when operating the bladder tanks “Antifire” on-line with the wetting agents and “Aquafom” foam concentrates obtains additional guarantee for the operability of equipment and fire extinguishing substances.

However, the inertia of sprinkler opening may cause low efficiency of fire extinguishing. In this case automatic water extinguishing drencher installations shall be used. Their effectiveness can be improved in similar ways, i.e. by using wetting agents and “Aquafom” foam concentrates.

Transportable capacity for
foam concentrate (cube, 1 t)
Transportable capacity for
foam concentrate (barrel, 0.2 t)

Typical design solutions with drenchers bladder tanks “Antifire” are similar to fire extinguishing sprinklers.

The use of typical water fire extinguishing installations with conventional drenchers placed under the ceilings of buildings and premises are not always justified, if the protected objects have design features. For some industrial buildings, warehouses, production workshops, such approach is not possible. Also, there are restraints in installing sprinklers at height in the conditions of existing enterprises, impossibility of their maintenance, etc.

In such cases Pozhneftehim offers an automatic fire extinguishing system with the use of special purpose Antifire drenchers (water-foam nozzles). UVPN Antifire corresponds to GOST R 51043-2002 Automatic water and foam fire extinguishing installations. Sprinklers. General technical requirements. Testing methods.

UVPN “Antifire” I,
with flange coupling

UVPN “Antifire” I,

UVPN “Antifire” I,

UVPN “Antifire” I,
with oscillator

The UVPN “Antifire” drenchers are placed along the walls at a height accessible to maintain. Devices irrigate the protected area with maximal efficiency. Irrigation uniformity meets the requirements of standards.

Pozhneftehim Typical design solution. Water fire extinguishing with the use of UVPN “Antifire”drenchers.

The installation of “Antifire” sprinklers along the walls for water fire extinguishing systems at existing enterprises does not cause difficulties. A significant number of modifications allows to design a fire extinguishing installation taking account of the features of the protected object.

Pozhneftehim offers a complex drencher fire extinguishing installation with the option of supplying the whole complex of main process equipment, including drenchers, bladder tanks of special design, auxiliary equipment (fire filters, joints UPT for fire equipment, wetting agents WA or foam concentrates, if necessary.

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