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The Pozhneftehim Production


The flexible container of the bladder tank is used to store foam concentrate firefighting stock. It is the main operating element of the bladder tank, which is a hollow cylindrical container made of flexible corrosion-resistant and tear-resistant polymer materials.

The Pozhneftehim Group produces custom-made flexible containers for bladder tanks at its own production site in the city of Donskoy, Tula Region. The container is made of hypalon, neoprene and cord with high-quality glue. The technology involves cutting material in large sheets, which ensures greater tightness and durability.

Before shipment/delivery to a customer, the products undergo a quality check on a pneumatic stand. The test results are confirmed by a sealed act. Compliance with production technology is confirmed by a certificate of compliance with the GOST ISO 9001-2011 of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation.

Benefits of flexible containers


The Pozhneftehim is a Russian production company that has experience in the development and implementation of modern foam fire extinguishing systems in oil, gas and petrochemical facilities. We supply customers with high-quality equipment and blowing agents, provide assistance in installation and commissioning.

The flexible containers of the Pozhneftehim bladder tank are made of high quality materials under modern technology. The wear-resistant highpolon-neoprene polymer is reinforced with Kevlar threads. For greater tightness, flexible container glue seams are reinforced both inside and outside. The minimum number of cutting parts eliminates the likelihood of any defect. Therefore, we provide 10 year guarantee for the flexible containers.

Flexible container replacement and repair


Foam concentrate bladder tanks Foam concentrate bladder tanks became widespread in the 1990s. Years have passed, and today there is a need for maintenance, replacement or repair their internal flexible containers.

The Pozhneftehim Group offers the following services:

  • examination and verification of bladder tanks for operability;
  • production and delivery of custom flexible containers for all types of bladder tanks
  • dismantling old flexible containers and installing new ones with a full inspection cycle;
  • filling with foam concentrate;
  • comprehensive check with drawing up a work performed protocol;
  • on-site staff training in maintenance and safety operations.

Firefighting system operation


Inspection and maintenance of the bladder tank is recommended to carry out at least once every three years. In this case, the flexible container shall be removed and pressure tested. To prevent damage to the flexible container during refilling and testing, the customer should entrust these works to manufacturer specialists or the operating organization. Installation, dismantling and repair of the flexible container must be carried out in compliance with safety measures.

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