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Производство противопожарного оборудования

Production of equipment for firefighting systems

The customized production of firefighting equipment, the packaged supply of fire fighting installations (equipment + foam concentrate), supervised installation, start-up and commissioning of firefighting systems and installations.

Pozhneftehim has been producing equipment for the foam and water firefighting systems and installations at its own production venue in the Tula region since 2007. The distinctive feature of Pozhneftehim production is the corporate responsibility for making systems for protection of hazardous objects. It is based on the long-term experience of our management in the area of industrial fire safety, as well as the expertise of Pozhneftehim employees that undergo professional trainings.

The Pozhneftehim team in St. Petersburg, Donskoi and Moscow has been developing and manufacturing products of special importance for many years.

Pozhneftehim-Detal LLC is the manufacturing department of Pozhneftehim Group of companies. The company has three production sites for the equipment, complex functional blocks and block-modular buildings of various sizes.

Pozhneftehim-Detal production is equipped with modern machines for carrying out milling, welding, grinding, painting, assembling operations. There are separate areas for storage of products and components.

The welding areas of the production are certified by the National agency of welding control. The products are manufactured according to ISO standards. The production got audited and received positive conclusions from international engineering companies.

The differential peculiarity of the Pozhneftehim production is the accredited testing site at the plant, which forms our quality control system of of the European level.

Photo: “Pozhneftehim” LLC © 2004-2019
Pozhneftehim manufacturing site No. 1

Photo: “Pozhneftehim” LLC © 2004-2019
Pozhneftehim manufacturing site No.2

Facts about Pozhneftehim-Detal production

4050 sq. mTotal area of the premises
2900 sq. mArea of the production sites
1150 sq. mof the warehouse spaces, including the closed ones
More than 120 peopleTotal number of the staff


Available range: more than 15 types of the fire extinguishing equipment (deluge sprinklers, water foam nozzles, nozzles for water curtains, bladder tanks and proportioning systems for dosingfoam concentrate, generators of low, medium and high expansion ratio foam, fire filters, high back pressure foam generator, fire monitors, fire towers, fire foamcabinets, block-containers for fire suppression, fire stabilizers etc.)

Equipment application:

  • Foam firefighting,
  • Water firefighting,
  • Firefighting with wetting agent,
  • Water curtains,
  • Water spraying and cooling,
  • Complex protection.

Place of manufacturing: Donskoi city, the Tula Region
Sales geography: The Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria.

Photo: “Pozhneftehim” LLC © 2004-2019
Assembly site at Pozhneftehim production



Pozhneftehim can manage the project from the stage of general design concepts and design documentation and up to the commissioning of the system. We can also provide the organizational and technical support during the whole service life of the fire extinguishing installation.
The significant link in the successful project implementation is the supply of equipment and foam-forming solution as the part of the complete fire extinguishing system (installation). We recommend choosing the packaged supply of the products for fire extinguishing systems made by one manufacturer.

The packaged supply of the fire extinguishing installation is the supply of equipment and foam concentrate for the fire extinguishing system from one manufacturer.

When the customer chooses the packaged supply, he involves the organization responsible for the final result. Such company can not only deliver products, but also, if necessary, analyze the design concepts, the completeness and quality of the building and installation works, offer technical solutions for optimizing the timing and cost, develop and implement the comprehensive tests.
We carry out acceptance tests of separate units and of complete fire extinguishing installations at our Pozhneftehim plant. The capacities of our accredited testing site allow us to test the foam and water fire extinguishing systems with the consumption of more than 400 l/s, which is comparable to parameters of fire extinguishing systems at an oil refinery plant.

The customers can visit the production and see the firefighting installation in operation before it is delivered to the facility.

Not only the technical support, but also the appropriate methods are needed to simulate the parameters of operation of the fire extinguishing system of a large facility at the of Pozhneftehim plant. The system approach to solving the problems in the field of the fire safety is the basis of the trust of our customers and partners.


We invite the customers to visit Pozhneftehim production of the firefighting equipment

Pozhneftehim production is unique in its own way. Here you can see the operation of the equipment for fire extinguishing systems and water curtains. For testing we use our own foam concentrates and the generators form foam of low, medium and high expansion ratio. Here you will see the operation of the proportioning systems for storing and dosing foam concentrates, pumping station, etc.

Pozhneftehim specialists will tell you about the peculiarities of our production, the technological processes, demonstrate the main elements of the quality control system. It helps to understand the importance of creating conditions for reliable protection of objects, especially of hazardous industrial enterprises.


Pozhneftehim produces the wide range of equipment for fire extinguishing systems and installations. These are the foam generators of low, medium and high expansion ratio, fire filters, fire monitors, fire towers, stabilizers, interlayer foam nozzles, fire hydrant manifolds, etc.

The proportioning systems with the turbine inline, balanced pressure and inductor proportioners . The production of storage tanks for foam concentrate and piping manifold.

Pozhneftehim has been producing customized bladder tanks since 2010. We supply the products with the complete set of permission and operation documents, including the production test report.

The customized production of the block-modular constructions: block-containers, fire foam cabinets, fire hose cabinets. The complement of the block-modular products with equipment, systems and installations is made taking into account the requirements of the design documentation.


Evgeniy Veselov The founder and director of “Pozhneftehim” Group of companies

Sergey Panov Technical director of “Pozhneftehim” Group of companies

Igor Romanov The production director of Pozhneftehim-Detal

Yuriy Poterayev The development deputy director of “Pozhneftehim” Group of companies


How is it possible to provide the quality of the fire equipment and equipment for fire extinguishing? How can you find out if the purchased products will work properly in the fire extinguishing system, and if they correspond to the technical characteristics of the project?

Quality control at the production of the equipment for fire protection systems is based on the systematic approach to the integrated solutions for the object protection.
It is impossible to properly organize the production and manufacture the product if there is no idea of its place, value and peculiarities of its application within the comprehensive protection system.

At Pozhneftehim we put items into serial production products were after carrying out research and development operations. The R&D involves the considerable amount of work to verify parameters at different operating modes. It is confirmed by the patents of the Russian Federation for various types of the fire extinguishing equipment.

The Pozhneftehim certified testing site allows us to make the high level quality control system. It is impossible to produce equipment for fire extinguishing without regular tests for checking the most important parameters – flows, pressures, jet quality, torches, distance, foam expansion ratio.


When the project of building or reconstruction of the industrial facility comes to the procurement stage, sometimes the picker companies are interested to economize on some separate products. For example, if the project contains the specific characteristics, but there is the market proposal of almost “similar” product with the lower price, the picker can purchase the products not according to the project.

Not all the manufacturers of the firefighting equipment check and organize testing of their products. It is difficult to test items in the conditions of contract manufacturing as well.
As a result of purchasing the of the non-tested fire equipment, the fire extinguishing system can turn to be inoperative. When the system is collected of the “analogs”, it is difficult to determine which component is inoperative.

The important problem from the perspective of the risks is the assessment of the certificate availability. Unfortunately, the current system of assessing the products conformity with issuing different types of the certificates is now far from perfect. In case of the fire safety systems, the practice of purchasing the untested equipment can cause the increase of the fire risks.

The fire equipment within the firefighting systems and installations should be coupled according to the technical and hydraulic characteristics. The foam-forming solution (foam expansion ratio, volume concentration, viscosity) is selected with taking into account the characteristics of the equipment.

Pozhneftehim is one of the few manufacturers that have the hydraulic testing site to check the operation of the fire extinguishing equipment.

The pump station (centrifugal pumping equipment manufactured by Grundfos company) is installed as the part of the stand. The total capacity (consumption) of the pump station can exceed 400 liters per second. The control of the pumps can be made directly from the stations of control of the equipment basic parameters, as well as from the outside on the outdoor equipment testing area.

By virtue of the own hydraulic testing site, Pozhneftehim can guarantee the compliance of the equipment technical characteristics with the examination papers (and eventually, the requirements of the design documentation) and issue the factory test reports.

We recommend the comprehensive approach when making the procurements of equipment for fire extinguishing systems. Do notreplace separate products with analogues. It is important to ensure that the system is functionally operable and effective.

We also recommend purchasing the fire extinguishing equipment only from the manufacturers who can verify the product operation in attendance of the customer (!) and regularly monitor the quality of the product at the factory.


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