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Филиал ООО «Китайская национальная химико-инженерная строительная компания №7» (СС7) филиал в г Омске благодарит ООО «Пожнефтехим» за качественно выполненную работу по производству и поставке противопожарного оборудования для объекта «Комбинированная установка гидрокрекинга (Титул 81210» на АО «Газпромнефть-ОНПЗ». За время нашего сотрудничества Ваша компания зарекомендовала себя надежным и ответственным бизнес-партнером, коллективом профессиональных специалистов. Наличие в компании проектного отдела позволяет проконсультироваться и получить ответы на все возможные технические вопросы, относящиеся к системам пожаротушения, а также подобрать и согласовать противопожарное оборудование, которое несомненно будет соответствовать проектным решениям.

Сотрудники компании оперативно решали возникающие вопросы, а в связи с производственной необходимостью в ускорении сроков поставки оборудования, производство и поставка были выполнены ранее запланированного графика.

Выражаем благодарность ООО «ТПК «Пожнефтехим», за качественную работу по поставке оборудования для проекта резервуарного парка ООО «Сорочинский МЭЗ» В период с октября 2019 по май 2020г. ООО «ТПК «Пожнефтехим» осуществил для ООО «Интертехстрой» производство и поставку оборудования системы пенного пожаротушения резервуара. За время выполнения договора ООО «ТПК «Пожнефтехим» проявил себя как надежный и ответственный партнер, качественно и в срок исполняющий свои обязательства. Мы рекомендуем ООО «ТПК «Пожнефтехим» как партнера в сфере изготовления и поставки систем пожаротушения и планируем в перспективе продолжить сотрудничество.


In response to your request, we inform you of the following.
In accordance with the provisions of clause 4.3.2 of GOST R 1.2-2016, the management TC 274 "Fire safety" has decided to include your organization, which has made a significant contribution to the content of GOST drafts in the process of public discussion, to the list the developers of the following interstate standards:
GOST "Water and foam fire extinguishing installations. Proportioners. General technical requirements. Test methods" (PNS code: 1.2.274-2.031.18);
GOST "Firefighting equipment. Ejection-type foam generators. General technical requirements. Test methods" (PNS code: 1.2.274-2.015.18).

LLC "Construction and installation train No.398"

LLC "Construction and installation train No.398" thanks LLC " TPC Pozhneftehim "for the high-quality work on the production and supply of fire-fighting equipment for the object of FGKU Combinat "Luch" of Rosrezerv. We have been working with you for over three years, and your company has proven a reliable and responsible business partner with a team of professional specialists. Your design department consults and answers to all possible technical questions related to fire extinguishing systems, as well as to selection and coordination of fire-fighting equipment that will meet the requirements of design solutions. The company's employees promptly resolved issues that arose. We would also like to mention the support and advice after delivery of the equipment. Ready to recommend LLC "TPC Pozhneftehim" as a reliable and honest partner.

AO “Trest Koksokhimmontazh”

The cooperation between AO “Trest Koksokhimmontazh” and LLC Pozhneftehim began when completing the capital construction of the Ust-Luga Commercial sea port (the Ust-Luga-oil bulk cargo complex, the BTS-2 terminal of the Ust-Luga oil depot of AO Transneft) in 2007. After that, our cooperation continued with the construction of dozens of facilities throughout Russia, where AO “Trest Koksokhimmontazh” acted as the General contractor (JSC Petersburg Oil Terminal, JSC Caspian Pipeline Consortium, etc.). After 13 years of cooperation, we note the reliability of the Pozhneftehim company (now GК Pozhneftehim) as a supplier and manufacturer, the readiness of its specialists to solve complex, non-standard tasks that arise in the course of joint work and we confirm our desire to continue and expand mutually beneficial cooperation in the future.


ZAO "PIRS" (Design Institute for reconstruction and construction) is sincerely grateful to Pozhneftehim for collaboration. The company has proven a reliable and responsible partner that implements complexes of highly effective fire extinguishing systems for storage facilities of petroleum products, oil refining, petrochemicals and others. A distinctive feature of the GK " Pozhneftehim" is high professionalism and responsibility of its employees. We would like to point out that the specialists of Pozhneftekhim LLC are always deeply immersed in the regulatory analysis and elaboration of all regulatory requirements and design solutions, and when non-standard tasks arise, they promptly and effectively solve the problems that arise during the design process. We are ready for further cooperation taking into account the positive results of our joint work.


Thank you for organizing events to accelerate production and proper delivery of universal Turbopen foam generators for the PJSC Tatneft Office for implementation of construction of projects.

We expect further cooperation with your Company will be ensured with the same high-level professionalism.

LLC Fire Protection Automation

The LLC Fire Protection Automation was a contractor for setting up fire extinguishing systems at the West Siberian Complex for the Intensive Processing of Crude Hydrocarbons (CH) into polyolefin with a capacity of 2.0 million tons per year with corresponding general farm facilities (GFF) Title 4300 Logistic Platform. The Pozhneftehim Group of Companies was selected as a supplier of metering and storage systems for the foam concentrate. The equipment was manufactured efficiently and on time with the exact fulfillment of the contractual requirements. In order to maintain warranty obligations, as well as according to the contract, the LLC Pozhneftehim employees carried out refueling and commissioning of the Antifire database foam fire extinguishing equipment by qualified personnel in the shortest time possible, as well as professional training of our employees.

By this letter, LLC Fire Protection Automation expresses gratitude for the cooperation, as well as for the prompt and high-quality performance of service and commissioning works within the framework of cooperation under the contract.

We look forward to further cooperation.

LLC Prombezopasnost

When carrying out design work to protect category B1 warehouses with a stationary automatic fire extinguishing system, our organization faced the issue of supplementing the standard sprinkler installation with a foam concentrate storage and metering unit.

Based on the results of market monitoring, we turned into a number of organizations, including the Pozhneftehim Group of Companies, whose specialists provided the necessary technical support in selecting equipment, a foam concentrate type, and adapting the selected equipment to the project we are developing. Based on the results of the joint work, which was carried out overall for almost half a year, the project passed the examination without comment.

We distinguish the competence of the specialists working with us, thank them for the advice provided, and hope to develop cooperation with you at the stage of equipment procurement. In the future, we plan to train our employees in installation and maintenance during the operation of this equipment.

CJSC GT Morstroy

LLC Pozhneftehim over the years 2010-2011 developed a series of projects for CJSC GT Morstroy (thermal protection, water curtains, foam fire extinguishing) for the fire protection of the Handling Complex for the Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gases (LPG) in the Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga, Leningrad Region.

Based on the results of the joint work, CJSC GT Morstroy (as a general design institute) expresses satisfaction with the joint work with LLC Pozhneftehim and plans to continue further cooperation on fire protection of hydrocarbon storage, processing and transportation facilities.

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