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Транспортирование и хранение


The foam concentrate is shipped in two types of plastic containers:

Barrel of polymeric materials Euro cube

Foam concentrate is transported in accordance with GOST 1510 by all means of transport in accordance with the rules for the transport of goods in force for this type of transport.

Foam concentrate in accordance with the classification of GOST 19433 does not belong to dangerous goods.

The foam concentrate must be stored in closed plastic or glass containers, containers made of certain types of stainless steel or ferrous metals with an internal polymer coating, in covered storage rooms at a temperature not exceeding +40 ºС and not lower than +5 °С, which ensures the safety of the product and the possibility of its immediate use. With an increase in the average temperature for every 10 ºС, the shelf life of the foam concentrate halves.

The frozen foam concentrate must be thawed, while avoiding the product dilution and decomposition.

The frozen foam concentrate can be heated using coils, while the temperature of the heating medium should not exceed 60 ºС.

The foam concentrate does not lose its original properties with repeated freezing and subsequent gradual thawing.