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The Pozhneftehim, a Russian manufacturer of fire extinguishing equipment, offers universal fire towers in combination with fire monitors of various models. A fire monitor complex is based on fire towers. In addition to the firefighting monitor, it includes the water heat-protective screen and auxiliary equipment. The systems are designed for foam fire extinguishing and water cooling from long distances.

The production is organized in the city of Donskoy, Tula region, and is subject to the factory quality control at a certified hydraulic test stand. The Pozhneftehim specialists carry out installation supervision, commissioning and maintenance service of fire extinguishing systems at the customer’s site.

2012 Start of fire towers serial production
2018 Development of a fire monitor complex with a water screen
Integrated approachDesign. Production and supply of equipment package. Installation supervision, commissioning, participation in acceptance tests

Demonstration of the firefighting monitor system operation at the Advanced Training Courses for fire safety specialists (design and operation of foam/water fire extinguishing systems at industrial facilities)

Certificate of Conformity for a universal fire tower 2 to 15 m high according to Seismo Security (2017). The Pozhneftehim fire tower meets GOST 17516.1-90, GOST 30546.1-98, GOST 30546.2-98, GOST 30546.3-98 (earthquake resistance 9 points on the MSK-64 scale) requirements


Place of production of fire extinguishing equipment: Donskoy, Tula Region
Sales geography: Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Tajikistan.

A fire fighting monitor system, including a fire tower, a water-film screen and a fire monitor, are made to order according to the specifications indicated in the questionnaires. When ordering, additional equipment, seismic resistance and climatic model (U, HL, UHL, OM) are indicated. A remote control monitor package delivery is possible on request.

Photos made at the Pozhneftehim LLC production site. Water heat-protective screen. Universal fire tower (e.g., before shipment). The firefighting monitor LS-U at the assembly site.


Fire monitor complex on the PVU fire tower for 1 firefighting monitor

Fire monitor complex on the PVU fire tower for 2 firefighting monitors

Universal fire towers (PVU)

Antifire firefighting monitor, models LS-U and LS-SU (with an oscillator), for the formation of a continuous and sprayed jets of water or low-expansion foam with a variable torch angle

Antifire firefighting monitor, model LS-P, for the formation of a continuous jet of low-expansion foam Antifire firefighting monitor, model LS-S, for the formation of a continuous jet of water

Firefighting equipment connection point (auxiliary equipment LPK)

Universal firefighting filter (auxiliary equipment LPK)


The Pozhneftehim produces more than 14 equipment types of and more than 180 compositions of foam concentrates for foam and water fire extinguishing systems. Products are manufactured to order in accordance with the design documentation. The Company offers comprehensive solutions - the supply of equipment, foam concentrates and dosing systems, as well as auxiliary equipment: firefighting filters, fire stabilizers, fire hydrant manifolds, etc. The Pozhneftehim also provides installation supervision, commissioning and maintenance service at the customer’s site.
The Pozhneftehim is focused on the turnkey project delivery of the fire extinguishing system at the facility. We focus on the development of design documentation and Special technical conditions (STU), as well as installation supervision, commissioning and acceptance testing at the facility. Our customers associate us with competence and integrated approach.


Fire towers with fire monitors are used in water extinguishing and spraying installations. According to GOST R 12.3.047-2012, the firefighting monitors are designed for outdoor installations for the protection of vertical vessels up to 30 m high at oil refineries, gas refineries, petrochemical, chemical enterprises, for the protection of apparatuses and equipment with circulation of gas, flammable and combustible liquids.

The designs of the filling racks for handling LHG, flammable and combustible liquids and pressure vessels are protected with stationary water cooling installations. Fire towers with firefighting monitors are located along the entire length of the railway racks for spraying of each tank-car with at least two compact jets. Firefighting monitors are also deployed at raw material, commodity and intermediate warehouses to protect spheres and horizontal tanks with LHG, flammable and combustible liquids under pressure. Installation of firefighting monitors on towers is advisable if spraying along the entire height is required (in the case of protection of tanks with LHG and HIL under pressure) or spraying of each point of the tank with at least one compact jet (clause M.4 of GOST R 12.3.047- 2012).

The types of firefighting monitors shall comply with GOST R 51115-97. Stationary water spraying systems can be equipped with both remote control nozzles and hand-operated universal monitors.

Fire extinguishing of industrial and production facilities involves using modern means of protection of fire departments personnel. In particular, a firefighting monitor operator’s workspace is in proximity to a burning object. To protect an operator from heat flows, water curtains and water heat-protective screens can be installed on the tower.

As an additional safety measure (“above the norm”), firefighting monitor systems can also be installed at other industrial facilities which store and handle Flammable and combustible liquids. This simplifies the work of fire services and reduces the risk of the facility destruction in case of fire.


A hydraulic test stand is part of the Pozhneftehim-Detal production unit. It enables the development of new equipment modifications and the quality control of products for fire extinguishing systems. The Pozhneftehim annually arranges demonstration tests of equipment at the Advanced training courses. In 2019, for the first time, the audience witnessed the operation of the Fire monitor complex with the water heat-protective screen and the fire monitor for continuous and sprayed water jets.

Photo: Pozhneftehim
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Equipment as part of a hydraulic test stand at the Pozhneftehim production site.

Tests are conducted indoors and outdoors. Flow rate up to 320 l/s.

Video: Practical demonstration of the firefighting monitor system for fire extinguishing at the Advanced training courses in Donskoy (Tula region), 2019.


We invite the customers to visit Pozhneftehim production of the firefighting equipment

Pozhneftehim production is unique in its own way. Here you can see the operation of the equipment for fire extinguishing systems and water curtains. For testing we use our own foam concentrates and the generators form foam of low, medium and high expansion ratio. Here you will see the operation of the proportioning systems for storing and dosing foam concentrates, pumping station, etc.

Pozhneftehim specialists will tell you about the peculiarities of our production, the technological processes, demonstrate the main elements of the quality control system. It helps to understand the importance of creating conditions for reliable protection of objects, especially of hazardous industrial enterprises.


Pozhneftehim produces the wide range of equipment for fire extinguishing systems and installations. These are the foam generators of low, medium and high expansion ratio, fire filters, fire monitors, fire towers, stabilizers, interlayer foam nozzles, fire hydrant manifolds, etc.

The proportioning systems with the turbine inline, balanced pressure and inductor proportioners . The production of storage tanks for foam concentrate and piping manifold.

Pozhneftehim has been producing customized bladder tanks since 2010. We supply the products with the complete set of permission and operation documents, including the production test report.

The customized production of the block-modular constructions: block-containers, fire foam cabinets, fire hose cabinets. The complement of the block-modular products with equipment, systems and installations is made taking into account the requirements of the design documentation.


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