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17.10.2018 11:22:00

The requirement to provide the water curtains in the fire protection systems became the regular practice in Russia and abroad. Pozhneftehim, the manufacturer of deluge sprinklers for water curtains that have certificate of conformity with GOST R 51043-2002, tells about the use, varieties and basic technical characteristics of the fire nozzles.

The content:

Figure.1. General overview (models) of the deluge sprinklers for the water curtains NP I, II, III manufactured by Pozhneftehim

Regulatory basis for the use of the water curtains

The fire-preventiondistances between buildings and constructions should provide the non-extension of fire from one object to another. If the required distances from buildings, structures and technological installations to the adjacent objects of protection are not observed, fire barriers are used as a compensating measure.

According to the requirement of Article 37 of the Federal Law No. 123, the fire barrier is the fire-prevention water curtain. The water curtain deluge sprinklers that have certificate for compliance with GOST R 51043-2002, are used to form the water curtain.

The water curtains are used for fighting the gas pollution, the spread of the vapor-air-gas clouds of hazardous substances during the fires and in case of emergency situations. Also, the deluge sprinklers are used for water curtains as the part of processing installation of the oil-refining and petrochemical companies.

Figure. 2. The example of the fire safety system of the outdoor installation with the use of water curtains.

Types of drenchers (deluge sprinklers) for the water curtains

Pozhneftehim Company group presents the sprinklers for making the high fire protection water curtains, on the Russian market. The water curtains are provided when placing the deluge sprinkler, as in one layer, as for creating the water curtains with the height of 30 meters or more, when placing in several layers.

The deluge sprinklers for water curtains are installed outside the buildings at the outdoor areas to protect the objects when the fire distances are not observed, and inside the buildings and structures for filling the apertures in the fire barriers and irrigating the structures and equipment.

Pozhneftehim manufactures the equipment of the fire curtains since 2007. The deluge sprinklers for water curtains NP I, II, III have the certificate of conformity with GOST R 51043-2002 “Automatic water and foam firefighting systems. Sprinklers, spray nozzles and water mist nozzles” and the Technical regulations on fire safety requirements №123-FZ.

“The latest current certification of Pozhneftehim fire nozzles for water curtains took place in October of 2018. As for the certification for compliance with GOST 51043, it is the first time that the nozzles with similar characteristics are being certified. The Pozhneftehim deluge sprinklers have extra height and width spread and allow customers to design and implement the required water curtain. The nozzles for water curtains by our company can be used for buildings and for objects where it is required to have the extra-long and extra-high water curtains. That is necessary for the protection of the objects from fire”, - the technical director Sergei Panov explains.

The deluge sprinkler NP I (7) with the pressure of 1.0 MPa and flow rate of 1.2 l/s provides the height of jet 13 meters. One fan-shaped deluge sprinkler NP III (50-5) with the pressure of 1.2 MPa, when feeding from the bottom up forms the water curtain with more than 10 meters spread height and more than 23 meters width. The technical characteristics of the equipment for firefighting systems are tested on our own certified hydraulic test venue, and they are described in details in Pozhneftehim catalog (upon request).

The example of the water curtain with Pozhneftehim deluge sprinklers

The automatic fire water curtain is placed from the side of the protected object. The curtain is based on the use of the deluge sprinklers for the water curtains.

Figure. 3. Example of the water curtain with Pozhneftehim deluge sprinklers. The length of the water curtain is over 71 meters, the height is over 23 meters.

The automatic fire water curtain should start automatically from the fire (accident) detection system.

To form high water curtains, the placement of the deluge sprinklers for water curtains should be done in a staggered arrangement with the direction of water supply — upwards the sprinkler heads to create the vertical jets and downwards the fan-type nozzles. The specific flow rate of the automatic water curtain to provide at least 1 l/s per meter of the curtain.

The flow rate of the curtain is determined by the technical documentation developed by Pozhneftehim for the chosen deluge sprinklers. The estimated height of the curtain shall exceed in height the top of the protected object. The estimated operating time of the water curtain shall be at least 4 hours. Technical means of water supply to fire water curtains should be protected from blockages with the fire filters "Tauer" (PFU).

The characteristics of the deluge sprinklers for Pozhneftehim water curtains

Pozhneftehim produces the deluge sprinklers NP I for forming the vertical jet of water, and NP II for vertical and sprayed jet of water from the bottom up. The table shows the main technical characteristics of the products.

Name of the indicator

Indicator value

NP-I-3, NP-II-3

NP-I-4, NP-II-4

NP-I-5,    NP-II-5

NP-I-6,   NP-II-6

NP-I-7,  NP-II-7

Nominal diameter of the passage, mm






Operating pressure range, MPa (*)

0,5 ÷ 1,0

The indicator of water application according to GOST R 51043-2002 (The water application uniformity factor R)

No more than 0.5

Operational lifetime, years, no less than


Pozhneftehim also produces the deluge sprinklers NP III for the homogeneous distribution of the water as semicircle (fan-shaped) from the bottom up and from the top downward. The table shows the main technical characteristics of the products NP III/50.

Name of the parameter

Value of the parameter NP-III/50






Operating pressure range, MPa

0,5 – 1,2

The indicator of water application according to GOST R 51043-2002 (The water application uniformity factor R)

No more than 0,5

The depth of the water curtain, m


Operational lifetime, years, no less


The deluge sprinklers for the water curtains – the order and the production

Pozhneftehim manufactures the deluge sprinklers for the water curtains NP I, II, III and supplies the products with other equipment for foam firefighting and water cooling systems. Pozhneftehim also manufactures “Akvafom” foam concentrates for firefighting.

You can order the calculation of the fire protection system at any stage – the company does not only manufacture and supply the equipment, but also carries out designing the firefighting systems, contract supervision and systems start-up and commissioning at the object

The advanced trainings of the fire-extinguishing systems

Pozhneftehim provides the annual advanced trainings for the specialists in industrial and fire safety, design institute employees, customer operating services, labor protection and firefighting systems specialists.

The advanced training course is: “The modern technologies of the foam firefighting systems at objects of oil, gas and petrochemical industries”. You can address to our managers for taking part in the training.

At the advanced trainings you can get to know about the peculiarities of the firefighting systems, equipment and foam-forming solution that are available on Russian market. There we also show the operation of the firefighting systems of low, medium and high expansion ratio with the foam concentrates “Akvafom” of our own production. The training is provided by “Pozhneftehim” LLC according to the License of Ministry of Education at the Tula Region No. 0133/03315 d/d 30.09.2016

Contact information to order Pozhneftehim complex supplies:

Questions concerning the choice of foam concentrates for fire extinguishing

Tatyana Potapenko, foam project manager +7 (499) 703 01 32, ext.172

Questions concerning the choice of firefighting equipment

Sergey Vypritsky, Project Manager +7 (499) 703 01 32, ext.153

Questions on documentation regarding Fire safety measures (MOPB) and Special technical conditions (STU)

Sergey Titenkov, Head of Regulatory and Technical Department +7 (499) 703 01 32, ext.159


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