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12.11.2018 16:19:00

VNIIPO EMERCOM of the Russian Federation, the developer of the SP “Fire Protection Systems. Automatic fire extinguishing installations. Design rules and regulations”, opened a public discussion of the first edition in August 2018. The project is being finalized now. Pozhneftehim, the member of the Technical Committee for Standardization No. 274 "Fire Safety", proposed for developers’ consideration a few clarifications to the articles in the working version of the document.

The Set of Rules “Fire Protection Systems. Automatic fire extinguishing installations. Design rules and regulations” is being developed to replace SP 5.13130.2009 regarding Automatic fire extinguishing installations to take into account comments on individual paragraphs of the current SR in the regulatory framework.

The Pozhneftehim experts suggest introducing the term “foam generator” into section 3 of the working edition of the new CR. Definition: “a foam generator is a device designed to obtain air-mechanical foam from an aqueous solution of a foam concentrate”.

Foam generators are used in automatic fire extinguishing installations with medium and high expansion foam. The term is common to industrial fire safety experts in the same way as the terms "deluge sprinkler" or "spray nozzle".

The Pozhneftehim suggests introducing requirements to apply low expansion foam installations only with foam concentrates S/AR; AFFF/AR, FP/AR, FFFP/AR, AFFF, AFFF/AR-LV, FP, FFFP, since type S foam concentrates according to GOST R 50588 are not specified by fire extinguishing ability to be used with low expansion foam. The absence of this requirement leads to designing inefficient installations.

A fundamentally different classification of automatic foam concentrate dispensing devices used in fire extinguishing installations has been proposed, namely: an inductor-type proportioner; automatic balanced pressure proportioner with pumping group; bladder-tank; proportioner with hydraulic drive; electronic dosing system with pumping group.

In 2018, the Pozhneftehim already prepared a similar proposal for the new GOST “Water and foam fire extinguishing installations. Proportioners". To harmonize different regulatory documents, it was proposed to include the same classification in the SP.

Another clarification of the SP working version in regard of fire protection systems concerns the requirement to provide a 100% stock of foam concentrate, which should be automatically fed if there is no supply of the foam concentrate estimated volume. It is important to stipulate in advance how to store this stock.

SP 155.13130 contains a requirement concerning storage volumes of up to 10 m3 in one tank, but this CP uses term “stock of foam concentrate”, i.e. storage in two containers should not be in a fire extinguishing installation, but at the warehouse. If the requirement to store the estimated quantity and stock in two tanks is introduced, this will lead to a rise in the cost of installations with metering tanks.

In this regard, it is proposed to clarify the point of the draft edition, so that with a total amount of a foam concentrate of more than 10 m3, the storage is provided in two containers, or in one container divided by partitions. This proposal does not contradict the essence of the requirement and at the same time makes it possible for the customer to store a stock of foam concentrate at the site without increasing the area and cost of the fire extinguishing installation.

An important clarification concerns the storage of the foam concentrate. The Pozhneftehim draws attention to the fact that all modern foam concentrates are biodegradable and cannot be stored in solution for a long time. Fire extinguishing installations should be designed in such a way as to exclude a network of filled pipelines where the foam solution will lose its fire extinguishing ability 2-3 months after the first start of the system.

The development of the new Set of Rules for automatic fire extinguishing installations is another step towards improving and updating the domestic regulatory framework. Our company traditionally takes part in discussion and finalization of draft versions of new standards and norms. We value the regulator’s attention to the Pozhneftehim’s experience, which has been designing fire extinguishing systems since 2006,” notes Sergey Panov, the Pozhneftehim Technical Director.

After refinement, a new code of practice will establish the norms and rules for the design of automatic fire extinguishing installations. The document will apply to the design of automatic fire extinguishing installations for buildings and structures of various profiles, including those being built in areas with special climatic and environmental conditions.


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