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18.02.2019 15:15:00

123123123123.pngThe Pozhneftehim as a member of the Fire Safety Standardization Technical Committee took part in the preparation of the construction regulations (set of rules, SP) project “Overhead filling racks for highly inflammable, combustible liquids and liquefied petroleum gases at oil refining and petrochemical facilities.
Fire Safety Requirements".

The new SP are being developed in accordance with Federal Law of July 22, 2008, No. 123-ФЗ “Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements”, taking account of the requirements of SP 155.13130.2014, SP 4.13130.2013, SP 5.13130.2009 and other regulatory documents. The Set of rules will establish fire safety requirements for the design, construction, overhaul, reconstruction and technical upgrading of loading racks.

When finalizing the SP project for filling racks for highly flammable and combustible liquids, the Pozhneftehim experts drew attention to the inadmissibility of the application of requirements to designing of filled foam lines (see Pozhneftehim presentation, pdf, 1 Mb). In addition, an incorrect requirement to limit the protected area to "not more than 1000 m2" was excluded. As a result, the protected area includes the railway track(s) with at least 3 railway tank cars on each side of the filling rack.
Relatively new is the requirement for the installation of fire monitors. “The fire monitors should be installed at a distance from the filling rack providing a heat flux density of not more than 5 kW/m2 (but not less than 15 m). If it is not possible to place fire monitors at specified distances, it is allowed to install them at shorter distances (up to 10 m), provided that duplicate fire monitors or remotely controlled fire monitors or oscillating monitors are installed, or heat-protective screens or water curtains are used to reduce the heat flux to the value not exceeding 5 kW/m2".

The draft SP for loading and unloading racks also defines the terms ‘reserve’ and ‘stock of foam concentrate’. So, the ‘reserve of foam concentrate’ is the required amount of the foam concentrate ready for immediate use in cases of re-ignition or failure of the fire extinguishing system to fulfill its task. The stock is stored in a warehouse to replenish the foam concentrate in the fire extinguishing system.

The new Set of Rules will deal with railway and truck racks designed for loading or unloading of highly flammable and combustible liquids, as well as LPG. The code will establish the requirements for modern fire extinguishing systems of automated on-spot loading systems. A special feature of on-spot loading is a special shunting device that moves tanks under loading in a clock mode.

Sergey Panov, the Pozhneftehim Technical Director notes:

“Russian standards in the field of fire safety of industrial facilities are being revised. There is a need to update a number of articles. For us, the participation in the revision of codes and GOSTs is an honorable responsibility. In the process, we get familiar with current international standards and analyze the experience of operating systems designed according to the standards of the 1960s-1980s. We are grateful to the developers of the standards for attention to our comments and suggestions".

In 2018, the Pozhneftehim experts worked on documents such as GOST “Water and foam fire extinguishing installations. Proportioners. General technical requirements to fire extinguishing systems and installations” and SP “Fire protection systems. Automatic fire extinguishing installations. Design rules and regulations".

The Pozhneftehim, a manufacturer of equipment and foam concentrates for foam and water fire extinguishing systems, has been working in the field of fire safety of industrial facilities since 2004. We invite designers and industrial safety specialists to the Advanced training course “Modern technologies of foam fire extinguishing at the facilities of the oil, petrochemical and gas industry” (License of the Ministry of Education No. 0133/03215 dated 09/30/2016). The training base is at the Pozhneftehim’s own production unit in the city of Donskoy, Tula region. More detailed information on the dates, program and training conditions with specialists of LLC Pozhneftehim and on the website www.pnx-spb.ru

"SP project for loading racks" 2018. Download doc, 0,7 Mb


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